I want my objects to do something. I am taken by the idea that they are paintings that can be carried into the battlefield.


They are my weapons and defence mechanisms.



My practice conflates personal sentiments with art historical narratives and the energy of rebellious youth cultures. I am interested in painting as a space of questioning surfaces: by reflecting on their contexts and being sensitive to the feelings form evoke. Surfaces carry histories and ideologies in their texture, colour and shape. Therefore, to make a painting or to put a garment on one’s body is as much an opportunity for beauty and expressivity, as it is to engage in the political.


I work with materials of socio-cultural significance through the language of abstraction. By using techniques of distress, dyeing and patchwork, it is my way of recharging an aesthetics associated with disempowerment and failure. The objects take on new meanings and contexts as a result of these transformative gestures: creating depth by defacing the minimalist pristine surface; fashioning a modernist painting from the fabric of everyday chaos; constructing new symbols and personalities.


The attitude carried is a statement about power, defiance and possibility.